5 Super Inspiring Youth Climate Activists To Follow

Young people aren’t just leaders of tomorrow. They prove they can be leaders of today. Bold and vigorous, across the globe, here are youth climate activists to follow.


Autumn Peltier (Canada)

“We can’t eat money or drink oil,” said 15-year-old Autumn Peltier, while addressing the United Nations. Autumn is an Indigenous Canadian water activist who proudly follows her late great aunty’s footsteps in fighting for clean, drinking water. It’s a basic human right, she declares. Autumn was listed in the ‘BBC Top 100 women of 2019’.


Follow Autumn Peltier here.


Isra Hirsi (United States of America)

16-year-old Isra Hirsi packs credentials. She’s the executive director and co-founder of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike, organising strikes and advocating for new policies. Isra originally fought for racial injustice, then turned to climate activism after realising how much it affects people of colour. In 2019, she rightly earned a Brower Youth Award.


Follow Isra Hirsi here.


Ridhima Pandey (India)

Ridhima Pandey’s activism journey began at five-years-old. Moved by her home state’s tragic flash floods in India, Ridhima learned more about the climate crisis with the help of her wildlife conservationist father. Now 11, she’s gone on to sue the Indian government for failing to combat pollution, campaign around the country speaking at schools, and build an NGO to mobilise climate action.


Follow Ridhima Pandey here.


Helena Gualinga (Ecuador)

17-year-old Helena Gualinga grew up in a small, native community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. To Helena, environmental activism came to her from just living there. “We live by nature and we live with nature,” she says. Helena fights to protect indigenous peoples’ rights, especially against big oil companies. In 2019, she represented her community at the UN Climate Change Conference.


Follow Helena Gualinga here.


Greta Thunberg (Sweden)

Hailing from Sweden, Greta Thunberg is an unstoppable force. Greta started ‘Fridays For Future’, a movement that led to climate strikes gathering millions of people around the world. Today, the 17-year-old meets with world leaders to fight for positive change. Known for straight-talk, the leading face of youth climate activists was named TIME’s 2019 Person Of The Year and nominated for both the 2019 and 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

Follow Greta Thunberg here.


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