7 New Year’s Resolutions For A More Sustainable Lifestyle

Ah, December. That fuzzy Christmas feeling and sparkly New Year dreaming. Any time’s a good time to reflect and set goals but who can deny the manifestation power of January 1st? Here, we’ve gathered the team’s little and big New Year resolutions around ways to be more sustainable.



Opt for eco-friendly wherever you go, from accommodation to tour operators. Connect with nature again by hiking or camping, leaving without a trace. Instead of overseas travel, why not explore locally with fresh eyes? You could fall in love with your home country again while reducing carbon footprint.



Beyond aesthetics, minimalism is surrounding ourselves with what we most value and removing everything else that is essentially a distraction. Sustainable lifestyle 101: only buy what you need and declutter your home. This way, you can invite more physical and mental spaciousness in the everyday.



Be a conscious consumer. Before you tap your card or hit ‘buy’, think: does this brand strive to create positive and social impact? Are they transparent? What materials are used? Do they stand by my values? (What are my values, anyway?) Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself to shop more sustainably.



Use energy-saving lightbulbs and remember to turn off lights when they’re unneeded. Unplug devices and small appliances to reduce ‘phantom power’. Harness natural, renewable energy and consider switching to solar power.  You will save both electricity and money in the long run.



For a sustainable lifestyle, we need to live by a zero-waste mentality. Research recycling alternatives at home such as worm farms or bokashi bins. See if your local city has composting programs. And, is it finally the year you’ll set up a small veggie garden in your backyard or balcony?



If you can’t walk or ride your bike to work, try carpool apps or catch public transport. Minimise paper usage by digitising all business documents. Bring the team together with video conferencing. Tell time via solar power with the world’s most sustainable watch brand.



Each of us is on a personal journey. So, be gentle. Take small steps if you must. Remain open to learning and share your own learnings. After all, isn’t it better if millions of people are getting it half right, instead of only a handful who get it fully right?

If you’re looking for new ways to be more sustainable, follow our journey on Instagram. Let us know how you’re keeping on track too. Happy New Year from the AWAKE team!