8 Things You Need To Know About Solar Powered Watches

How do solar watches work? Here are answers to all your burning questions - from maintenance and reliability, to the most eco-friendly options.


Low Maintenance — Solar powered watches don’t need daily winding (a manual-wind watch) or wrist motion (an automatic watch). They have self-recharging batteries, but some never need to be replaced. Without needing extra special care, you can keep doing your thing ‘round the clock.


Reliable — When an AWAKE watch receives three hours of daylight, it can accumulate up to six months of usage in the dark. So unless you’re in total darkness, the watch is essentially always charging even via indoor artificial light. Pretty cool, huh?


Durable — AWAKE’s watches are made from solid, sustainable materials like recyclable steel and recycled fishing nets (the first of its kind!). Built to last, you can enjoy these watches over a lifetime and even pass it down generations. Some are even water-resistant.


Beautifully Designed — Solar powered watches aren’t limited to the bulky outdoors look and feel. These days, there are aesthetically pleasing minimalist ranges from everyday sleek to feminine gold detailing.


Fairly Priced — You can find great options starting at $200 from AWAKE. The cost comes from quality features like a Seiko solar movement that’s 30x the cost of a non-solar equivalent, recycled plastic straps, stainless steel, natural rubbers and vegetable-tanned Italian leather.


Uses Renewable Resources — Let’s make the most of le soleil. As the planet is warming up, now more than ever do we need to switch to cleaner, renewable energy such as solar power, wind power, hydropower, and biomass.


Minimises Waste — It’s simple: fewer batteries, less waste. In Europe, hundreds of thousands of batteries end up in the landfill. They also contain toxic chemicals, which harm the environment if not disposed of properly.


Environmentally-Friendly — If you’re looking for an all-round watch that’s kinder to nature, consider AWAKE. Powered by the sun and made from recycled fishing nets,  The G7 is the world’s most eco-friendly watch. It plays a role in minimising the 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear waste that enters our ocean each year.


The AWAKE team endeavours to continually improve sustainable practices. As well as crafting beautiful, environmentally-friendly watches, we’re here to educate the public on environmental issues and inspire positive change. Led by passionate creatives, expect to see exciting innovation and awesome artist collaborations. Don’t miss out and come along with us on our journey via email below :

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