Foolproof advice to make sure your accessories are as sustainable as you are

When we’re getting ready in the morning many of us don’t think about where our accessories come from. You’re far more likely to be thinking about which guilt-free milk option you put in your coffee than whether your watch is made of recycled materials.

If you’ve ever thought ‘are my accessories sustainable?’ we boldly applaud you! We want to shake your hand - metaphorically speaking of course in the current climate.

For the rest of you - that gold necklace you love to wear, the bracelet from your dad, the watch your girlfriend or boyfriend gave you? They could all be using precious metals or materials which cause untold damage to our Mother Earth.

How though?

The precious metals we find in our jewellery and watches are often sourced through industrial mining.

This can have an intense impact. It can erode the land and leak harmful chemicals into our water supplies, plus the heavy machinery that’s used for mining has a massive carbon footprint.

And it’s not just precious metals. How many of us own watches, watch straps or accessories which use plastic - a material which takes years to biodegrade?

Luckily we know a better way.

Where can I buy sustainable accessories?

When you’re on the hunt for a sustainable accessories brand there are a few surefire things to look out for.

Recycled precious metals are not always labelled as such. What you’re looking for are sustainable brands who use refined precious metals. This means the gold or silver has been melted down, its impurities have been removed and the new metal is turned into something gorgeous and brand new.

What about watches? Where can I buy a recycled watch?

When it comes to sustainable watches or ecological watches then you want to keep an eye out for watches which use recycled materials for their watch straps. Watch straps made of recycled steel, recycled plastics from our oceans or old fishing lines are perfect for this.

You’ll also want to look out for recycled watches which don’t use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are notoriously difficult to dispose of. Left in a landfill they can release toxic chemicals which are hazardous to our health and the environment.

Instead, check out recycled watches which use the trusty power of the sun. Solar power is an incredible way to ensure your ecological watch is 100% sustainable. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of why solar-powered watches are a genius step for our future over on our blog. Our mission is to pioneer a path towards a more sustainable existence; that’s why we’ve made it super easy for you to update your watch to something more sustainable.