Earth Day 2020: In The Time of Social Distancing, How Can You Make a Difference?

Earth Day 2020 is April 22 of every year. This year though, things are a little different. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic (in case you hadn’t noticed) so this year Earth Day has gone digital.

What is Earth Day? And Why Is It Important?

Earth Day is a global response to our environmental crisis. So we’re all for it over here at AWAKE. Much like the G20 summits (which we’re were super proud to play a very small part in), Earth Day is an important global campaign that asks cities, countries and individuals to respond to the oil spills, smog and polluted rivers across the globe.

The theme for Earth Day 2020 is the climate crisis. At the moment we are currently experiencing two major crisis’ - COVID-19 and climate change.

As individuals, there is only so much we can do about COVID-19. Stay at home, wear masks, wash your hands and practise social distancing. But there’s much much more that we can do about climate change.

Earth Day is recognised as the planet’s largest civic event. The first Earth Day in 1970 launched a wave of action, including the passing of landmark environmental laws in the United States. The Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species Acts were created in response to the first Earth Day in 1970, as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Many countries followed suit!

What Can You Do To Help For Earth Day 2020?

This year Earth Day has gone digital. They’re asking you to think about the things you can do from the safety of your own home.

One of the best Earth Day 2020 ideas this year is Food for thought. It’s well documented that the meat and fishing industry has a huge impact on the environment. Ocean’s are being decimated by over-fishing, and the production of meat is not only responsible for mass deforestation but also a huge amount of CO2 which cows naturally produce.

Whilst you’re social distancing, take the opportunity to think about how much meat or fish you are eating. Where do these products come from and what is it’s food-print? How sustainable is the meat you’re eating? Switching to a few vegetarian meals a week can make a huge difference and be a step in the right direction to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Share your all-important sustainable knowledge

Sharing knowledge on your personal social media accounts too can have an impact. Blogs like this one can help change the hearts and minds of others.

Share the small sustainable things you do every day to help our environment. Like choosing sustainable products that don’t use plastic, making sure that all electrical sockets are off before you go to bed, or composting your waste. These sound like small things, but they can help others understand just how easy it is to make more sustainable choices.

Engage With Climate Activists for Earth Day 2020

Engaging with some of the amazing climate activists out there is another way you can help the environment from the safety of your own home. It helps you stay informed and helps them to increase the reach of the message.

We exist in unprecedented times but it’s important to remember that the future our environment is still under threat. Much like COVID-19, there are plenty of things we can all do to help the preservation of our oceans, forests and airspace. Stay safe! And stay sustainable.