On the 26th of August 2019, in Biarritz, the President Emmanuel Macron brought the G7 summit to a close with a speech broadcast on the 8 O’ clock evening news, unveiling on his wrist the first watch in the world made from recycled fishing nets. Hours earlier, the same watch illustrated no less than his official speech, inviting leaders from the world over to partake in a united action in favor of conserving the environment.


Covered by the media worldwide(!), these images have in just a few hours made the G7 the symbol of a message, a commitment, a philosophy, at a time where it is urgent to change our ways of producing and consuming.




Even before being highly publicised, the G7 already had a special story. In January 2019, the G7 committee contacted us, inspired by our approach. Two days later, we met at the Élysée with a goal: devise a watch with a connection to the oceans, the central theme of the Biarritz summit. This would be gifted to presidents, first ladies, and to attending delegations at the G7. We had then only been around for 6 months, and this challenge brought us as much excitement as uncertainty for its outcome.

We would then need 6 months of research and development to perfect the G7. The fishing net concept, a first in horology, had a particular meaning: transform a threat into a resource, and illustrate a struggle, that of the fight to protect the oceans. In this way, the first and only watch in the world to be made of this material was created. The biggest difficulty was adapting to our constraints, all the while giving it a look and feel on par with a high-tech material. Very soon, you will see for yourself that the result is more than convincing…

As for the rest, it was in line with of our first collection, Origins: solar powered (and therefore no battery to limit waste), and a wrist strap made from plastic bottles recovered from the oceans. Ecologically responsible from coast to coast.


It goes without saying, that the G7 will forever mark a very personal step in the story of AWAKE.