Hi guys, this is Lilian.

If you’ve read our previous chapter, you should know by now that AWAKE is the story of friends with the common desire to make a positive impact on the planet, which we want to materialize through our brand.

After working in the media industry for years, I needed to make a big move and do something more meaningful that would reflect my passions and values.

I’ve always been a watch enthusiast. Fascinated by a product that is simple and exclusive at the same time. Wearing a watch is not about keeping track of time, it is more about style. And a watch can tell a lot about its owner. Most people wear their watch every day, which makes this accessory a little bit special. Hence, it should be selected carefully.

For these reasons I wanted to start AWAKE with a watch. A watch designed like no other, built like no other, with no compromise on anything.

You cannot improvise as a designer when you are not. Fred is more a scenographer and architect than an industrial designer. Those skills allow him to take a new perspective at what a watch should reflect. Deriving inspiration from nature and its organic, flowing natural forms, our watch definitely focuses on accentuating emotional expression and natural impression. A great watch is all about details, you will soon discover how an AWAKE is full of them.

Fred and I put all of our knowledge and passion to create something different, that we would be very proud to wear. And when you meet people and tell them your story and ambition, some of them want to join. I’m really happy to introduce you the AWAKE Family.

In the next chapter we will let you explore our (very special) industrial process: how our watches are made.