Let’s be honest guys, manufacturing is hands-down the most complex process in brand creation. Here is our story.

Working on a brand that embodies your values and passions might well be the most exciting experience you ever have. It’s a great feeling to work every day, from sunset to sunrise, without feeling tired or bored. Day after day, you see your project coming to life; sketching becomes drawing; then, that becomes modeling. One day you wake up, feeling like a super hero: your first watch is born

Well, not really.

When it comes to making your idea a reality, you face massive issues. How and where are we going to find partners? Will you be able to keep the price low, despite your expectations of high quality? Within a few seconds, the thousands of watches that you’ve already imagined seeing, on cool people’s wrists, have disappeared. Instead, you realize that this is just the beginning. After scrolling through the web and meeting a few people, we quickly understood that we were going about this the wrong way. Poor quality was the norm, prices were not connected to the products, and the manufacturing processes were rather opaque.

After a few months, I realized that you don’t find a good manufacturer by yourself; you need to get a solid recommendation from someone you trust. Luckily, I have worked for the media, in the luxury watch industry for years and this brought me some good connections. It was exactly the sort of valuable information, which you don’t just stumble upon easily. After three months of discussions, with my former clients, I finally heard the magic sentence: « Contact Nicolas on my behalf. Trust me, the guy is really reliable ».

A week later, we met Nicolas, a French entrepreneur, who has spent his life between France and Asia and who actually owns and manages a company that specializes in watch parts. Nicolas has been based in Hong Kong since the early 80s, and he has built up a great deal of industry trust through his practice of always prioritizing quality and technology. He had exactly the experience we were looking for, and a solid reputation. We could not have hoped for more… but we had anyway. Because Nicolas spends his free time on the nature trails, in Hong Kong’s mountains, he was also very sensitive to our approach and was open to help us as much as he could.

Deal! His company would be in charge of making our stainless-steel case, and then the assembly of all the components that were coming from our other partners: movements, dials, hands, straps and packaging. We ordered the prototypes straight after that. From this exact point onwards, we really felt as if we could make it. We would finally fulfil our expectations: to produce a watch that was made with no compromises on quality and ethics, and at a very fair price.

Next time, we’ll tell you more about our efforts to create the most sustainable watch ever.

Lilian & Fred