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We all know the effect a new strap can have on a watch. Whether it’s changing yours from a steel bracelet onto a leather strap, or a rubber one, a different strap can make your watch feel like new. That’s why we want to make changing our straps as easy as possible, by introducing quick-release pins, where we could, across the Collection.

The following guidelines explain how easy it is to use the quick-release pins on your AWAKE watch strap.

To do this, you’ll need to hold the watch head (face down) in one hand, with the underside of the strap facing up towards you in the other.

  • To detatch your strap, pull the pin to the side and remove the strap from the lugs.
  • To attach your strap, align the pins to the lug holes and click the strap into position.

You can watch the manipulation in video here




1. Use the Strap Tool (a small screwdriver will do) to lift up the locking part - see image A
2. Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust the size - see image B. Note that the strap has cavities on the backside for different buckle options
3. When correct size is set, push down the locking part - see image C

You can watch the manipulation in video here.



First of all, you need to buy a spring bar removal tool (picture below). 

1. Start off by inserting the forked end of the spring bar tool underneath one side of the buckle, as shown in the picture below. 

2. Then compress the spring bar by pushing down on it.

3. Now slide the spring bar out from underneath the buckle. Now that you have removed one end, the other side can be removed easily.

4. After this, use the pointed end of the spring bar removal tool to push the spring bar out of the strap.

5. Remove the keeper from the notch in the strap and place all the parts together.


 You can watch the manipulation in video here.